The Department of Chemical Engineering offers courses with laboratory training leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. The courses are designed with consideration of the modern concepts of chemical engineering education and new requirements of the industry.


The rapid growth of the chemical and related industries since the beginning of the last century and strong competition in these industries, have resulted in the establishment of new standards and requirements for the chemical engineering profession; so it has become obvious that the knowledge and the training of an industrial chemist is no longer sufficient to meet the new responsibilities.


The advancement in unit operations has produced new methods for more economical design and better control. The developments and accumulation of knowledge in fluid transportation, combustion, heat transmission, diffusion processes, reaction kinetics, engineering thermodynamics, instrumentation and automatic control have opened the way to the design of continuous processes thus increasing the yield and reducing the manufacturing cost of products with higher purity and more uniform composition.


Today a chemical engineer is expected to perform research, development and design work in addition to assuming production responsibilities. He/she must be capable of evaluating new projects, competitive bids and of carrying out economic analysis at an advanced level. He/she is expected to be qualified in the supervision of the operation of the plants. His/her responsibilities range from the evaluation of raw materials to the competitive marketing of finished products.


The program is designed to give students not only the fundamentals of modern chemical engineering, but also instruction in a variety of subjects, both technical and non-technical, so as to develop a broader view leading to a more intelligent approach to industrial and organizational problems. Along with the academic training, the students are required to participate in Summer Training Program.

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