The Department has the following research facilities:


Central Analysis and Characterization Laboratory:  The main function of this laboratory is to provide support for research activities pursued in the department and for undergraduate experiments. The chemical analysis and material characterization inventory involves a scanning electron microscope, a sputter coater, an X-ray diffractometer, a thermogravimetric analyzer, a differential scanning calorimeter, a dual channel gas chromatograph, a high performance liquid chromatograph, an ion chromatograph, two infrared spectrophotometers, two ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometers, a microplate reader, an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, a flame photometer, a computerized N2 area analyzer, a total-organic carbon and nitrogen analyzer, a particle size/Zeta potential analyzer, a high-precision refractometer, a rheometer, a rotating shaft viscometer, a -80 C freezer, a 3D printer, pH and conductivity meters.



Unit Operations Laboratory: This laboratory is used for activities of undergraduate laboratory courses, aimed to help students to develop skills for accurate and reliable collection, reduction and evaluation of experimental data on unit operations equipment and to help students to reinforce their knowledge about unit operation courses and to compare the actual performance of the equipment with the theoretical principles covered in related courses. The experiments performed are; fluid flow, pressure drop characteristics of a packed column, fluidization, unsteady state heat conduction, agitated tank heater, double-pipe heat exchanger, gas absorption, distillation cooling tower, spray drying, thin film evaporation, size reduction and filtration. Pilot scale research is also carried out in this laboratory.



Computer Laboratories:  There are two computer rooms accesible by our undergraduate and graduate students. These rooms contain a total of 63 computers with i5 processors and 8 GB of RAM. Our students can use prominent engineering software such as ASPEN, Comsol and MATLAB in these rooms.


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