This award is aimed to be given with the only purpose to provide a modest support for the education and research opportunities for students and faculty members. The award is firstly presented in November 2013.

Dr. Haluk Sanver Doctorate Award is given to the thesis work that is selected by the "Selection Committee" among the doctoral studies completed in the previous semester in the Chemical Engineering Department of METU. In addition to that, Dr. Haluk Sanver Scholarship is awarded to the PhD student/students of Chemical Engineering Department with the "Performance Award" who have successfully completed the doctoral courses (7 courses) in two semesters with the highest CGPA.


Short resume of Dr. Haluk Sanver:

 Graduating from Galatasaray Lisesi in 1966, Dr. Haluk Sanver got his B.Sc. from METU in 1970. He received his Ph.D. from New Brunswick University, Canada, in 1974. In his first years in the industry, he started to work for the projects and research activities in TÜBİTAK, and companies like Alemdar, Organic Kimya and Pursan. Then, he started his own company SEREN in 1987. He served as the international represantative of the mineral oil and oil additives. He is married and he has two children and two grandchildren. Dr. Sanver is also the honorary consul of Chile.


 Dr. Haluk Sanver Doctorate Award
 Dr. Hatice Ceylan Koydemir  2013
 Dr. Hasan Zerze  2013
 Dr. Eda Açık  2014
 Dr. Seval Gündüz  2014
 Dr. Güzide Özen  2015

 Dr. Merve Çınar Akkuş

 Dr. Sevler Gökçe Avcıoğlu

 Dr. Bengisu Tezel Tanrısever


Dr. İlker Tezsevin

Dr. Özgen Yalçın


Dr. Fatma Şahin

Dr. Cihan Ateş




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