Before choosing a university for exchange programs, it is advised to meet with the department exchange programs coordinator in order to make an appropriate choice.

Chemical Engineering Department Exchange Programs Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. İnci Ayrancı Tansık.


Erasmus Agreements List for Student Exchange

Erasmus+ partner universites for METU chemical engineering department students

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
  • Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • University of Technology of Belfort Monbéliard-UTBM, France
  • Ecole d'Ingénieurs (EPF), France
  • Lulea University, Sweden
  • Széchenyi István University, Hungary

METU Chemical Engineering Department Erasmus approval criteria:

1. Students who want to go to the second year must be able to take courses other than technical elective courses at the university they attend.

2. Applications of undergraduate students for Tampere University of Technology are not accepted because the undergraduate programs of the host university are not compatible with the courses in the METU ChE undergraduate curriculum.

3. Erasmus applications of students who want to go in their fourth year can be approved if they meet the minimum 30 ECTS requirement. However, these students must take the fourth-year design courses (ChE 417 and 418) in two consecutive terms. This means that no matter what semester they go, they must take these courses in two consecutive terms in the next academic year after they return.

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